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Our company is a professional provider of design and manufacturing solutions for oil well cement testing instruments both domestically and internationally. We provide high-performance oil well cement testing instruments and equipment to users both domestically and internationally, and are a leader in mastering core technologies in this field.
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Release time:2022/12/01
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The company is an innovative enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and consulting services, and also a professional enterprise of domestic oil well cement experimental instruments. The customer base is widely distributed in scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, ships, building materials, petroleum, chemical industry, nuclear industry and many other industries, as well as many national authoritative institutions such as commodity inspection, metrology and quality supervision. At present, the company has He Quankai, Wang Yutian, Li Zhenlun, the inventors of China's early oil well cement experimental instruments - thickener series products, etc., as well as senior technical talents in this field, with strong technical strength.