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Our company is a professional provider of design and manufacturing solutions for oil well cement testing instruments both domestically and internationally. We provide high-performance oil well cement testing instruments and equipment to users both domestically and internationally, and are a leader in mastering core technologies in this field.
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  • DFC-0512 Portable cement laboratory 2022-12-01

    DFC-0512 Portable cement laboratory
    ⅠINTRODUCTION DFC-0512 Portable cement laboratory is designed to fit oil field construction. The dimension is 20 ft or 40 ft,top lifting points using international standard angles, applies to ports, port grab crane, also applies to crane to load and unload on land. Four corners at the bottom throw using international standard angles, and devised a forklift holes in both ends: eh at the bottom corner fittings for international standard container transport, forklift holes was designed at both ends, enabling field displacement is more flexible and convenient. In short, the portable cement laboratory remove flexible, safe and reliable to ensure security for the equipment during transport