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Our company is a professional provider of design and manufacturing solutions for oil well cement testing instruments both domestically and internationally. We provide high-performance oil well cement testing instruments and equipment to users both domestically and internationally, and are a leader in mastering core technologies in this field.
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  • Introduction to the mixer 2022/12/01
  • A device for forced convection and uniform mixing of liquid and gaseous media. The type, size and speed of the stirrer have an effect on the distribut...

  • Selection of Pressure Testing Machine 2022/12/01
  •   The compressive strength of materials in different industries is different, so the measuring range of the pressure testing machine is also different...

  • Performance of the Pressure Testing Machine 2022/12/01
  •   Tensile test of pressure testing machine: Tensile test (stress-strain test) generally clamps the two ends of the material sample on two fixtures at ...

  • Precautions for Using the Curing Box 2022/12/01
  • 1. When a certain function needs to stop working, just put the corresponding button to OFF. 2. Suggestion: When the temperature in the cabinet reaches...

  • Introduction of the Curing Box 2022/12/01
  • The curing box is used for constant temperature and humidity standard maintenance of concrete specimens and cement specimens. The inner tank is made o...