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Our company is a professional provider of design and manufacturing solutions for oil well cement testing instruments both domestically and internationally. We provide high-performance oil well cement testing instruments and equipment to users both domestically and internationally, and are a leader in mastering core technologies in this field.
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DFC-0723 Portable High Temperature Pressurized Curing Kettle

DFC-0723 Portable High Temperature Pressurized Curing Kettle

DFC-0723 Portable High Temperature Pressurized Curing Kettle It is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with (API) Standard Specification 10. It is mainly used for the maintenance of test blocks in oil well cement tests under high temperature and high pressure conditions. This product is jointly developed by China Oilfield Services Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Jinouke Petroleum Instrument Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Instrument structural features

1. Imported original air-driven booster pump.

2. Imported original temperature controller, multi-stage program temperature control, high temperature control accuracy.

3. Imported high-pressure valve body, joints, tees and pipelines, with high safety.

4. Self-pressure sealing patented kettle lid enables wrench-less disassembly.

5. The new pressure relief pump has high pressure control and pressure control accuracy.

6. Automatic pressure control system, no manual operation required.

7. Spiral cooling copper tube, high cooling efficiency.

8. Small size, light weight, easy to operate. Equipped with aluminum packaging box, safe, reliable and convenient for transportation.

The main technical parameters of the instrument

1. Power supply: AC220V (±10%) 2.0 KW 50Hz

2. Air source pressure: 0.3-0.7 MPa

3. Water source: 0.1-0.4 MPa

4. Maximum working pressure: 40 MPa, maximum working temperature: 220℃

5. The imported temperature control meter multi-stage program automatically controls the temperature, and the digital display pressure gauge automatically controls the pressure

6. Temperature control accuracy <±1°C

7. Conservation amount: 4 trial molds

8. Volume: 50×42×50 cm

9. Weight: 66kg